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Doc Ver:2.5 Mar. 2013
Android Doc Ver:1.0 Jul. 2014

Ultima actualización 11 de mayo de 2016

Extra accessories required for Benelli:


Cable for Sagem models:

To connect TuneECU with the Benelli ECU (Sagem) a custom-built adaptor cable is required 
Pin assignment Fig. 2, and Fig. 4

To make up such a cable,the following components are required: (i) a diagnostic OBDII cable
with a 16-pin socket on the one side and flying  leads on the other (Fig. 2). This cable is commercially
available as an accessory in many OBD-motorsport shops (ii) a AMP SuperSeal 6-pin connector  (Fig.1).
The company Lonelec UK, offers complete adapter (Sagem models) for £ 16.99 plus postage.

To connect TuneECU with the Benelli ECU (Walbro) a custom-built cable is required.
This consists of a RS232 computer cable and the same AMP-Super-Seal-connector as for the Sagem models.
Pin assignment for Walbro models, see HERE
An RS232 computer cable, you get to various online platforms, and also in computer shops. A possibly required USB/RS232-converter as well. The converter is required if your computer has no serial interface (RS232) has.
Nota: utilizar la versión de Android, exclusivamente con FTDI convertidor USB cable/RS232
y el conector de 6 pines AMP Superseal.

Pin assignment for the above-linked FTDI USB / RS232 converter cable:

TX (White) -------------------- on PIN 5 AMP SuperSeal 6-pin connector
RX (Yellow)------------------- on PIN 2 AMP SuperSeal 6-pin connector
GND (Black)------------------ on PIN 6 AMP SuperSeal 6-pin connector

! NOTE: The cable colors of cables from other manufacturers may look different !

For the flashing of the Walbro ECU, in addition, an AMP Super Seal 2pin plug required, a kind of bridge,
details please ask in the special Benelli forums.
The 2-pin connector can be purchased from the same sources as the 6-pin connector, or known at the auction platforms.

Sources of supply for the AMP SuperSeal connector 6-pin, Serie 1.5.:

Company "Kalitec" Product No.: Kali-1006  As a complete kit, housing, seals, and connectors.

Or at the following companies as individual components

"TE Connectivity"   
AMP SuperSeal Housing, 
Mfr Part No. 282090-1
AMP SuperSeal Connectors,
Mfr Part No. 183035-1
AMP SuperSeal single
WIRE SEAL e.g. in yellow color,  Mfr Part No. 281934-2

Company  "RS" 
AMP SuperSeal Housing,  Mfr Part No. 282090-1,  RS Stock No.  314-1227
AMP SuperSeal Connectors,
Mfr Part No. 183035-1, RS Stock No. 314-1334
AMP SuperSeal single WIRE SEAL e.g. in yellow color,  Mfr Part No. 281934-2, RS Stock No. 314-1154

6-pin AMP Super Seal Connector, complete set, including housing, gaskets and pins.


Pin assignment OBD2   >   AMP  SuperSeal Connector


View of the connector, connected to the bike.


Pin assignment as a schematic representation


Who has disconnections when running engine, which can possibly help the Tip of "moto-abruzzo" from the Aprilia forum.  Link the cable shield with the ground pin of the OBD connector.
See the following picture.

Thanks "moto-abruzzo" from the Aprilia-Forum

Pin assignment for Walbro ECU:

AMP Super Seal 2-pin connector , this in addition required is for the
flashing the Walbro ECU (TuneECU for Windows and Andriod).
More information in the special Benelli forums.

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garantizar completamente su contenido y que se ajuste completamente a la realidad.

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